Lake Forest Open Lands acquired the 26-acre West Skokie Preserve in the late 1980s through both purchase and a generous donation by the Cameron Brown family. Now, the entire preserve has been restored to prairie and wetlands. Once the buckthorn was removed from the savanna areas, a rich array of native grasses and flowers that had been suppressed rebounded vigorously. Today these savannas are one of the few places in Lake Forest where wild columbine (Aquilegia canadensis) can be found, along with an abundance of white trillium.

On the southern end of the preserve you will discover a beautiful secluded wetland with a boardwalk and teaching platform. The middle fork of the North Branch of the Chicago River (sometimes called the West Skokie) forms the western boundary of the preserve.

A winter walk at West Skokie Nature Preserve. Photo Credit: Alain Wood-Prince

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Trail access and parking are located on the south side of Westleigh Road, 1/4 mile east of Waukegan Road.