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Ticks are everywhere in nature! A few simple ways to make your time outside more enjoyable can make all the difference.

Don't let ticks prevent you from getting outside this summer!

• Ticks are not only found in natural areas. Most tick exposures happen in yards.

• The odds of getting sick from a tick bite are very low <3%, particularly if the tick has been embedded for less than 36 hours.

• Most ticks in our area are dog ticks which have not been shown to carry Lyme disease.

• Ticks are less likely in open areas, so if you stay in the middle of a grassy trail, your chance of exposure is decreased.

• You can prevent ticks by wearing long pants and pulling your socks up over your pants to prevent ticks from crawling onto you. Wearing a hat helps keep them off your head.

• Ticks do not like the smell of eucalyptus or peppermint oil, so wearing this can help deter ticks.

• Bug sprays containing DEET are highly effective in preventing ticks. You can also treat your clothing with Permethrin or Picaridin, which prevents and kills ticks and lasts for several washes.

• After playing outdoors, do a tick check. Look under the hairline, behind ears and on clothing for ticks. (see photo)

• Wearing light colored clothing can help you spot ticks before they get onto your skin.