The Center for Conservation Leadership celebrates its 8th year at its annual Certificate Ceremony on Saturday, April 21. 
Guided by their dedicated volunteer mentors, this year’s students have been involved in significant citizen science projects.
Click here to view our list of graduates, what high school they attend and their project.

Do you love the outdoors? Are you concerned about nature and taking care of our natural resources? Are you interested in learning more about plants, animals, trees and the planet’s well-being? In other words, is caring about the environment in your nature?

If you are a high school student with a passion for your environment and a desire to get involved, the Center for Conservation Leadership (CCL) can help prepare you to make a difference in our future. CCL’s programs will help you develop a practical understanding of conservation—the careful use and protection of river, forests and other natural resources. Equally important, you will learn how to become a steward of the environment, how to assume responsibility, to take action personally and to lead others in making a positive impact on the environment.

CCL can help you contribute to a better future for yourself, for your community and for the entire planet. So take a look around. Enjoy your stay. Come back often. And take part.

CCL programs include the 1st Year Program, targeted to students in high school and a High School Stewardship Program for those who complete the Certificate Program.

Interested? Please contact us with questions or learn more here and review an Application!